Warden of Everfeld Character Spotlight: Jaed

Last month, I provided a spotlight bio of my protagonist, Aston. So this week, I wanted to do the same for my other protagonist, Jaed.

That’s right! Two protagonists! And no one can stop me…

Anyway, here’s Jaed.

Character Spotlight: Jaed

Name: Jaed Skaílíf

Age: 23

Physical Traits: Average height.Bronze complexion, black hair worn down or in a braid. Long face with prominent cheekbones, bright green eyes flecked with gold, thin but dexterous hands and fingers

Home: The Refuge; Jaed was born in the Refuge, where her mother and grandmother fled to before she was born.


  • Arden – adopted sister, an orphaned girl of 11
  • Úma Jaenel Skaílíf – Jaed’s grandmother, deceased about six months ago
  • Jaelin Skaílíf – Jaed’s mother, died in childbirth
  • Jaed’s father – Unknown
  • Other Skaílíf relatives – Jaed was told by her grandmother of other members of their clan who also fled Skaípass, but Jaed has never known them

Occupation(s): weaver in the Weaver’s Hall; tends the bathhouse of the Refuge in the evenings, occasionally is propositioned to “join” patrons, which Jaed was sometimes comfortable obliging before she fell in love with Aston

Aspirations: To find her true home.  Jaed has always felt out of place in the Refuge, even though she has known no other home. She believes her family is still out there somewhere, but she has no idea where to find them.

When she is not otherwise occupied: Jaed used to enjoy Aston’s company, the lanky lad she grew to love, but they have not spent as much time together lately. She often goes for wanderings in the forest, either alone or with her kin-sister Arden.

Summary: Although she was born in the Refuge, Jaed has never felt at home there, partially due to the prejudice she faces for her appearance. Jaed has a much darker complexion than most Feldings, and her familial village of Skaípass was at one time home to both Feldings and settlers from the Firelands, who were many Feldings’ enemies during the Redskael Wars. Since Úma Jaenel passed the previous autumn, Jaed has felt less comfortable in the Refuge and often spoke of leaving. Wherever she goes, however, she must care for Arden, the girl she has loved as a sister for six years. Jaed knows that her heritage was important to her grandmother, and she wants to feel like a part of it. She simply does not know where to look.

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