We Bought a F*ckin’ House

And aside from writing, that is what has taken up my week… and the last several weeks.

I promise that Manuscript: Beta is proceeding at a decent clip. I’m perpetually not as far along as I’d like to be, but buying a house is a good reason to be behind, methinks.

I stopped paying attention to my word count a couple of weeks ago, because I know what sections I need to write to finish my book. At about 178,000 words so far, I’m still aiming for 185-190k total, but writing out the remaining section is more important.

I don’t want to make the same mistake I did in Manuscript: Alpha by rushing the end, so if I go over 190k, I’ll let it slide for now and figure out if I need to trim back in the third draft.

A Deadline Looming

I had set a deadline for myself (and with my editor) for July 31. I am not on pace to meet that deadline, but I should at least be able to come close.

At this point, meeting my deadline isn’t just important for my own peace of mind. Present Wife and I have a lot of work to put into our house before we can actually move in.

The sooner I finish Manuscript: Beta, the sooner I can devote all of my spare time to working on our new abode.

Just four days to go! …Give or take…

Steve D

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