Friday Write-Day: The Next Phase Begins

Welp, I forgot to upload my title card. I blame my goofy counterpart, Jessie, with whom I video chatted last night for 5 and a half hours…

Clearly we had a lot to talk about after a busy month+ for both of us.

Curse our intriguing and impassioned conversations/arguments!

This week has been pretty good. I finished my beta read-throughs, albeit a day late. But they are doneI’m also a little bit closer to having a completed cover for WoEM, so that’s awesome.

Details on that to come soon.

I successfully posted about my recent podcast interview with J. David Core here and on our Facebook page. A lot of my friends/family listened to the podcast. I don’t really know about anyone else.

We’ve seen a slight bump in our daily Views and Visitors this week, but it’s unclear if that is related to the podcast or to people settling back into blog-reading after the holidays. I’ll follow up with the podcast host in about month to see if he can give me any clicks or “listens” numbers.

I’m still working out how I’m going to announce the awesome illustration that a very talented artist did for my short story, but I promise I’ll let ya’ll know.

Execute: Revisions Phase

I’ve held off for a week, and now I’m ready to begin going through the revisions my editor has sent back to me. I’m still waiting for her to complete the final 6 chapters or so, but I won’t get to revising those sections for some time.

Enter: Manuscript: Charlie!!!

What I mostly want to figure out this week is how long implementing these revisions will take me. I’ll start with my first chapter, look at the word count, and start plugging away.

I’d like to narrow down an estimate for how long it takes me to revise, say, 5,000 words. That will give me a much more realistic timeline for how quickly I can work through this phase.

Goals for 1/12/2018
  1. Complete revisions for one chapter of WoEM and estimate the work time per 5,000 words.
  2. Continue planning early marketing efforts, particularly for my short story illustration.
  3. For the love of Gaia, wake up early.

Steve D

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