Friday Publishing-Day: So Close Yet So Far

This has been a weird week in publishing world. From finicky software to minor non-errors, I’ve suddenly hit a number of hang-ups that probably aren’t a big deal.

It’s just been annoying. I know I’ll be able to iron out the kinks. Luckily, I’ve made progress in other areas this week.

Jessie and I made some progress on landscaping my yard this week. While she ripped up the paving stones of our old patio, I took down another small pine tree. We have a couple more trees to take down before we till the soil and level it out to install a new patio, larger and better.

We also started a super-marathon of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Jessie has somehow avoided most of the MCU films, so no we’re watching them through together.

She’s already seen the three Iron Man films, Thor, and Avengers (I know, way out of order). So we started with the first Captain America.

Only… 15? movies left? I don’t know how many there are. We have a lot of movies to watch.

Publishing Woes

It turns out CreateSpace is a finicky platform that doesn’t like any formatting out of the ordinary, even when that formatting fits their standards.

CS flagged my page numbers for touching their bottom margin. I emailed my book designer in a panic asking him to change them. He replied that I need to chill.

Not literally, but he reassured me that Create Space flags every little thing, but that the book would still turn out as expected in print.

I haven’t completed the submission process because… I FOUND AN ERROR.

There very well may be other typos in my book, but this particular error is in my Acknowledgments, right at the front. I spelled my editor’s name wrong. Which is hilariously ironic, but also preventing me from publishing.

So I emailed my book designer to see if he can fix it in both versions.

Ugh. I just want to be done. Soon enough, I hope.

Goals for 6/22
  1. Get more landscaping done, probably taking down trees and tilling dirt.
  2. Iron out the publishing kinks.

Steve D

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