Shut Up and Do Your Job

Writers, actors, athletes, musicians…

Why do these types always have to insert their political views into their social media and public appearances?

I’m not following them to hear their opinions. Just because I happen to like their books, their movies, or their music, doesn’t mean I actually care about what the person behind them thinks about immigration policy, or the gender pay gap, or police brutality.

They should all just shut up and do their jobs, and that means keeping their opinions to themselves.

And don’t even get me started on these athletes. They make millions of dollars per year to play a fucking game — which I am happy to spend hundreds to thousands of dollars per year to enjoy. You know what that means? When they are on the field, I shouldn’t be subjected to their selfish protests.

The NFL naturally just wants to keep its employees ordered and subdued. No audacious personalities. No showboating. No ridiculous jewelry or ostentatious post-game outfits. They must maintain the brand. The players don’t get paid to express themselves. They get paid to shut up and play.

As a matter of fact, the same should go for engineers, teachers, lawyers, police officers… Don’t waste our time with your opinions on subjects outside of your field.

Leave the politics to the politicians.

Just. Do. Your. Job. And be happy that you live in a society where you can even have a job!

We even let these clowns vote! Why should any of them have the right to express an opinion on issues they care about? I don’t even want to hear about which candidates you’re supporting, or which party you belong to.

I mean, why even vote at all? The politicians are the experts. Let them run things and keep the public out of it.

Congresspeople and the president should just appoint their own successors and handle their politics behind closed doors. Keep the rest of society out of it entirely.

Do your job, and let the politicians do theirs.

Democracy is a sham, and your opinions don’t matter. Just settle for an authoritarian oligarchy and just let me live my life without all of this nonsense.


I’m honestly tired of this line of thinking, especially because the people who tend to use it are too dense to take it to its logical conclusion.

You want writers and athletes to keep their opinions to themselves? Well, who fuckin’ asked for yours? Just because they express something you disagree with, does not mean they have to stop. You could just… stop reading their tweets? Or be an adult and accept the fact that not everyone lives in your tidy little worldview.

By the way, the same goes for liberals who want to boycott Chik-fil-A because the owner is against gay marriage. Yes, I eat at Chik-fil-A, because it’s delicious, and because the people who work at my local restaurant are lovely and have nothing to do with the shitbag who happens to run the brand that’s embroidered on their shirts. I actually don’t even know his name, and I’m pretty sure refusing to look it up only proves my point.

Meanwhile, so-called “patriots” and “free speech advocates” are — say it with me, now — actively discriminating against people who are homosexual on the basis that their homosexuality infringes on their “religious beliefs.”

Let’s also not forget that certain states systematically make it more difficult for non-rich and non-white communities to vote, just to keep their oligarchs in power.

And you want people with influence to stop speaking out?

Suck it up.

This Sarcasta-Rant was inspired in part by:

Steve D

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