Mythology is Coming!

I’ve mentioned this in passing a few times already, but it’s time to make that officially official announcement:

I will be publishing a series of short myths in my fantasy universe in 2019! And I’m ready to announce the title!

Of course I was going to make you click to read more. Do you not know this blog at all?!

Alright, alright. Here’s the title of my upcoming serial:

The Grand Mythos of Úr’Dan, Volume I

Genre: mythic fantasy

Format: serial

Platform: Wattpad

Coming: January 2019

This volume will explore the creation of this fantasy universe and introduce some characters who have already appeared in The Warden of Everfeld: Memento.

I will publish one myth every month on Wattpad for 2019. Why Wattpad? I started reading on Wattpad a couple of months ago to scope it out. It’s a really user-friendly platform that allows unknown authors to get their work in front of millions of potential readers.

My username is WardenOfEverfeld if you want to start following me for updates:

I’ve already talked about how I’m reading a book on Wattpad. A lot of authors seem to publish their books one chapter at a time, using Wattpad as a sort of beta platform to gather readers and fans before publishing the refined versions of their books for sale.

I’m not interested in publishing these stories as an anthology for sale (yet). I just want to get my name out there.

I’ll be working with illustrator Joanna Pacek once again. You might remember her for the awesome title card she created for my short story, “Wolf’s Moon Night”.

My editor, Kaitlyn, is also currently going over the first batch of stories.

So, I feel pretty confident that I’ll be ready to publish the first story sometime in January.

Of course, I just jinxed myself, so we’ll see. More details to come!

Follow WardenOfEverfeld on Wattpad to see what I’m reading and get notificaitons when I begin publishing my fantasy myths!

Steve D

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