Friday Write-Day: A Taste of a New Routine

This week has been interesting, if a little off-center. My mom has been babysitting Nugget all week. She lives in my hometown, which is just about equidistant between my house and my office. My wife’s place of work is int he complete opposite direction.

So guess who’s been dropping off and picking up Nugget every day?

Taking the baby to and from Grandma’s basically doubles my commute, but I rather enjoy doing it. I like getting him up in the mornings and getting him ready to go. And I get to leave work knowing that I’ll see him and have a nice chat with my mom about his day.

Still, the added drive-time has definitely thrown my schedule off. Coming down with a mild (so far) cold this week hasn’t helped.

I only wrote a couple hundred words this week, but I also made a crucial decision for my story. I figured out the two main factions who will make up the group of rebels. These folks were encountered briefly in WoEM, but they have a much larger role to play in The Warden of Everfeld: Legacy.

Besides, rebel groups are just more interesting if they have different reasons for achieving similar goals… or even divergent goals. Tenuous alliances!

As I write this, I’m also just remembering a set of characters that I completely neglected to include in one scene. They’re not hugely important for the story, but they’re characters who readers of Memento might stop and say… wait, shouldn’t they be there, too?

Looks like I’m rewriting that section. I’m also just about ready to release the first chapter of my mythology series. I have the final cover illustration, which looks amazing. Now I just need to individual chapter “covers” with the chapter titles on each.

Anyway, I also finally finished reading Caught by my buddy MLS Weech. I enjoyed it. I’ll put together a slightly more detailed review for next week.

Next up is the beta draft I’m reading for another author, which I’d like to finish by the end of this month. My three-week paternity leave will help. Oh, right, I’m off work for three weeks as of tonight.

Goals for 1/18

  1. Write 2,000 words in The Warden of Everfeld: Legacy
  2. Read a bunch in this beta draft
  3. Get chapter one of The Grand Mythos of Úr’Dan ready to publish

Steve D

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