Awesome Con 2019 Prep!

Well, this week came up a lot faster than I had anticipated. We were off on our first road trip with Nugget for the last 10 days, visiting family in Michigan and Milwaukee. We had a great time, but now we’re back in the swing of normal life

Awesome Con begins on Friday, and I still have some logistics to work out. The countdown begins!

Con Materials

I’m still waiting on my books to arrive. I should have ordered them weeks ago, but with a tight budget, I held out in hopes of a new paycheck.

I finally ordered my books last Thursday, assuming that was plenty of time to receive them. According to Amazon, they haven’t even printed yet… I upgraded my shipping to hopefully receive them by this Thursday. Fingers crossed.

I have my bookmarks though, so that’s cool. With my aforementioned tight budget, I decided not to order a banner or paper flyers. Instead, I added some text to the reverse side of my bookmarks, serving effectively the same purpose my flyers would have. I’ll post pics this week once I have everything.

Con Parking

Ugh. I loathe to think about driving into and parking in DC. I think I’ll be using Spot Hero to reserve parking for each day, so that should take away some of the hassle.

Am I missing anything?

Because I feel like I am. I’ll meet up with fellow author and table-sharer, MLS Weech sometime this week to make sure I get my badge. (He has to pick them up.)  But I think that’s all I need.

Aside from getting down to DC each morning and trying to sell books for 7-9 hours per day, of course. I will be drinking a lot of coffee.

More to come this week!

Anyone out there have convention advice for a newbie?

Steve D

2 thoughts on “Awesome Con 2019 Prep!

  1. I would say don’t be aggressive, but be attentive and friendly. While my experience has been witnessing many bookstore signings for local authors, I can say the ones who just sit there do worse. Engage. And if you have enough bookmarks, greet people with them and hand them out with a smile…That has been the successful move for in-store visiting authors…

    1. I definitely want to be out in front of the table as much as possible. Fortunately, Weech and I can spell each other a bit and promote each other’s work. I’ve never been the A-type extrovert, but I made my money as a server/bar-tender by being approachable and funny. Hopefully I can carry that over a bit 🙂

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