Public Service Announcement: RSPC Will be Migrating

It’s just time. I’ve been running both this website and, our book imprint, for almost two years, and I’ve felt more and more like we didn’t need two websites.

So this blog will be migrating to in the next couple of weeks. My sources on the interwebs tell me that I should be able to do this with no detriment to our followers, content, etc., since they’re both sites, but I am wary.

So if you suddenly come here and it looks a bit different, that’s why.

Red String PaperCuts has been an amazing experience. Jessie and I started this blog in May 2014 to post our poetry that we would trade with thematic playlists and burned CDs. I still have all of Jessie’s original, hand-written poems and playlists, and she likely has mine. But RSPC has evolved into so much more since then.

I had no idea it would become my primary author platform, or that I would get to know so many other great bloggers and writers, some of whom I’ve met in real life!

This sounds like a farewell, but it’s not. I’m just being nostalgic for the domain name that has hosted us for five years. Five years!

We’re evolving. The site will be structured slightly differently, but the content will remain. I will continue to post weekly haiku, reviews, and book things. Jessie will continue to not post for weeks at a time.

Thanks for sticking with us as we continue to grow as writers.

Steve D

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