2020 Programming Note

2019 brought a ton of changes for me personally, professionally, and authorly over the last year-plus, and a lot of that has seeped into this site, whether I intended it to or not.

I hinted at some plans to freshen up my blogging a bit in my Write Day post. It’s taken me six months to realize this, but I need to change up my blogging habits.

For the foreseeable future, I’m only going to post twice per week:

  • My weekly Haiku Sunday
  • One longer-form post on Wednesdays

Keep reading if you want some details.

I’m hoping this new blogging routine will help me focus more on my actual writing (a.k.a., not blogging). If you’ve been following my Write Day series, you know that I’ve had trouble writing much more than three or four thousand words per month. Considering I want to publish a short story and make some significant progress on my second novel this year, that’s not going to cut it. Cutting down on my blog posting will give me more time to focus on my stories, which is the real reason I’m doing all of this.

Also, posting only one longer-form blog per week should allow me to pace myself better and provide more enjoyable content here, and avoid the odd week with posts-that-are-not-real-posts.

Another note: I cannot promise when or if Jessie will return from her self-imposed writing exile, so I apologize if you’ve been waiting to hear from her. If you’re newer to this site and don’t know who I’m talking about, check out Jessie’s wonderful archive of poetry and quirky book reviews. I’ve given her a hard time here (and in general) about not writing consistently, but she has other priorities and concerns right now. If and when she’s ready to return to this site, there will absolutely be room for her.

My new schedule allows me to focus on storytelling without going several days between posts.

So here’s the blogging plan…

  1. I will continue to post my Write Day series around the first week of each month to catch you all up on my writing progress, because I like writing those posts and laying bare all the goals I never reach.
  2. Reviews are a fun staple, so those should be plentiful. Maybe if I happen to finish a review on an off-day and it’s timely, I’ll go ahead and post it, but I don’t want to promise x book reviews every month.
  3. I’d like to talk more about my world-building, too, but frankly, those posts don’t do very well. So if you want to read more of my Exploring Úr’Dan series, let me know what other topics/places/people you’re interested in, and I’ll make time to discuss them here.
  4. I’ll stick to my current rotation of reviews, Creativity Sessions, Marketing pieces, and random thought pieces, and we’ll see how this goes.

I’m not gonna lie: I’ve lined up the next handful of posts I plan to write aside from my haiku, meaning my blogging schedule is filled for the next six weeks or so. That’s not something I have ever done in the past, but now that I’m only publishing one longer-form post per week, I’ll have more time to prepare such posts.

With that said, I’ll be back on Wednesday with a look-back on this site’s stats for 2019. Thanks for sticking with me.

Steve D

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