Super Old Poetry Post!

Once again, I have written no new poetry for this week XD I cannot multitask to save my life. So here’s an old poem I forgot I had written:

 Between Two

She’s got 2 boys, she wishes were 1 man –
One gives attention and care; always overeager to be ‘there’,
The shoulder to cry on, the lending, helping hand.
And the other?
He’s the blockade behind which she stands,
Useless but familiar; at least he’s a known burden. Continue reading “Super Old Poetry Post!”

Moonlit Musings – Dependency

By Invitation Only

Upon my entrance you exuded fear. But you invited me here. Into your territory, your home, your safe abode. You’re the one who chose to be alone. With me. You see and you know, I wanted to roam in the city. Be around town, with distractions abound, safety in being surrounded by countless, faceless strangers. There’s unnecessary intimacy in having me see where you live and what owns you. Continue reading “Moonlit Musings – Dependency”

Misplaced Missive #157 – Real Love

Told with the fondness of nostalgia,
I grew up with the same few stories,
Like prized childhood memories
Of times considered better.

Where violence was common,
And insults became funny after time.
Because when you’re that young,
Everything seems worse than it was. Continue reading “Misplaced Missive #157 – Real Love”

Misplaced Missive #5: Lost At Sea

Patience that knows no shore,
Washes into a sea of restless waiting for
Effort to come to fruition.
Pleading for permission.
I’m begging you: release me from this prison
Of blind high dives and titanic lies.

Water, water everywhere
And not a drop to drink Continue reading “Misplaced Missive #5: Lost At Sea”