Marketing Your Novel: Why Send Press Releases?

Disclosure: I work for a marketing firm. While I have no formal education in marketing or business and would never claim to be an “expert”, working in online marketing for two companies over the last  four years has taught me a lot. This series will explore the marketing strategies I will use to promote my upcoming novel.

Well, it’s been quite some time since I’ve updated this series. The last time we checked in, I discussed marketing through social media.

Today, I’m going to take a look back to a previous post, in which I provided a summary of sending online press releases. Why?

Because I just sent my first press release!

Check it out:

Now, just to re-hash the most important points of my article on sending press releases, here are the main benefits they provide:

  • Press releases can drive traffic back to your own websites or content platforms.
  • They can boost your search engine optimization for keywords and phrases relevant to your content.
  • They provide valuable knowledge for your audience beyond a simple advertisement.
  • Press releases give your brand publicity beyond your own content platform.

So, these are the basic goals I have in mind for my first release.

This release has already been disseminated to a host of online media outlets, so over the next couple of days, I will keep track of the analytics. The primary data-point I will be looking at is Online Pickup, namely, how many media outlets thought my release was interesting enough to publish on their own platforms.

I will provide an in-depth review of my release’s analytics after it has had some time to make the online rounds.

Steve D

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