Friday Write-Day: Pre-Holiday Stress Time!

The holidays are usually somewhat stressful for me. Just making sure I’ve find appropriate gifts for people and can get to all of the family events is more than enough to think about.

Work has been stressful this week, largely because I was trying to wrap up a lot of things before being off for a few days.

But, I am off today, and thankfully, have some time to get shit done.

First thing I got done today: I recorded a podcast interview.

I joined KBoards several months ago just to begin dipping into that writing community a little bit. I happened upon a thread where an author was looking for interviews for his podcast.

I contacted him, and we just recorded the interview this morning. It was exactly as awkward as you might imagine my first interview being. I’ll post the link and all of the info when it’s published in January.

Hopefully, I’ll have more opportunities like that this coming year.

Another thing that got done last night: the illustrator I hired sent me the final version of a title card for “Wolf’s Moon Night”

I hired a freelance illustrator about two months ago to create a title card for my short story. I just wanted a visual for my story, and this artist blends watercolors in such a natural and stunning way. I couldn’t resist reaching out to her.

I’ll talk more about this when the illustration is published by us both after the new year.

Read-throughs are progressing well

And I should have time to get more done this afternoon. My editor and I talked about making a final push during her holiday break to complete her edits before the new year. I think we can get it done.

Waking up on time is hard.

I haven’t been able to get up at 7 at all this week. My sleep schedule is out of whack somehow, and I haven’t been able to pinpoint the issue. I feel tired during the day, but then I can’t fall asleep at night. I’m hoping a small break from work will help me get back on track.

Writing Goals for 12/29

  1. Get up earlier, even on vacay days.
  2. Read through 4 chapters of The Warden of Everfeld: Memento
  3. Get my marketing/blogging efforts planned for the first part of the year. More on this to come.

Steve D

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