Friday Publishing-Day: Brief Update

Welp, I definitely forgot today was Friday, so I will be brief.

This week has felt very full, but I think I’ve accomplished very little publishing-wise. Stress at work is the main cause of that.

Fortunately, my book design is under way.

I’ve emailed back and forth with my book designer this week, and he is currently working on a sample proof of the formatting for my novel. I’m pretty excited to receive that.

I told him vaguely about some of my ideas for the formatting (like section breaks, etc.), but the real discussion will come once we’re both looking at the proof.

I believe on Tuesday I mentioned that I have purchased ISBNs and a bar code for my book, so that’s awesome. Next up is to fill out all of the information in Bowker, CreateSpace, and Kindle in preparation for submitting my novel.

Since I have some free time on my hands, I’d also like to get a solid outline down for my second novel, The Warden of Everfeld: Legacy. I haven’t said much about this project, and I probably won’t until WoEM is out. But, it’s been stewing in my brain for a solid year at least, and recently, it’s bubbling over.

I want to start this project, and now I have a chance to do so. Next week, I’ll be flying to Denver to help a certain broody writer friend move back to Baltimore. 😀

That’s four days of driving in a van across the Great Plains. I’m going to try my hand at hand-writing a few sections of WoEL and see how it goes.

I’ll provide updates from the road.

Goals for 4/27
  1. Prepare submission materials for WoEM
  2. Outline WoEL and make some headway on the word count
  3. Wake up early. I’ve been pretty good about this this week, so I’d like to continue the trend

Steve D

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