Friday Published-Day: The Work Continues

This has been a pretty big week, if only symbolically.

I officially made The Warden of Everfeld: Memento available for pre-order on Kindle before both the Kindle and print versions are published on July 18.

That’s a pretty big deal for me, anyway.

Other than that, I’ve done a lot of mental gear-turning over what comes next, both before WoEM is released to the world and after it’s out.

On the Published Side…

I have a lot more promotional work to do for WoEM. What’s the use of publishing a book if people don’t know about it? I have a plan laid out for the next 5-6 weeks as to how I will get the word out about my new book.


  1. I’ve updated both RSPC and with a fancy banner that my cover illustrator designed for me.
  2. I am finalizing the print version of book to have a batch printed for personal sales. I received the proof copy above last night for final approval.
  3. Next week, I will begin running PPC campaigns to bring more eyes to this site and encourage pre-orders of my book. More details on how that works to come.
  4. And I have some posts planned surrounding my book, including a really cool feature that I will not spoil just yet.
  5. I may be attending a local con of some sort with a friend, which means I need some cool swag to hand out, like bookmarks.
  6. And I’m still mulling over a real-live launch event for my book. Where to host it, when, and how to get people to come are TBD.

On the Post-Publishing Side…

I’m mentally preparing to jump back into writing.

I’ve been talking about and mulling over my second book, The Warden of Everfeld: Legacy, for quite a while. With  WoEM mostly out of the way, it’s high-time I make some headway on my next WIP, especially with Baby D’Adamo scheduled to arrive sometime this autumn.

So, in addition to doing some writing over the next couple of weeks to find my rhythm, I’ll be participating in Camp NaNoWriMo in July. NaNo’s “camp” months are far more casual than the titular race to 50,000 words each November.

My unofficial goal for Camp NaNo will be 20,000 words, which seems like an entirely fair bar to meet what with all of the upcoming obligations I have.

If I can achieve 20,000 words in July, and then keep on that pace for August and September, I think it will be more feasible for me to keep up that habit to some degree with an infant strapped to my chest.


Goals for 6/29:
  1. Finalize the print version of my book
  2. Order bookmarks and print copies
  3. Write 3,000 words for WoEL

Steve D

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