Friday Write-Day: Trying to be Patient

This has been a strange week in terms of my writing and publishing goals. While stay-at-home dad-ing, I’ve had little to no time to actually write much, but that’s not really the issue.

I find myself growing increasingly impatient with my writing and publishing progress. Consider this post my attempt to reset myself.

I discussed last month how my sales of The Warden of Everfeld: Memento have dropped off significantly. I expected and am generally okay with that.

However, I’ve been thinking a lot recently about how I need to be doing more to spread the word about my book.

Sometimes, it’s good to step back and assess what you’re doing, just to keep the wheels turning and decrease some of the negativity.

Where My Writing/Publishing Stands

Recently, I started looking into paid marketing campaigns, but then I remembered that I don’t have the budget for that right now. My writing budget is currently going to the editing and cover illustration for The Grand Mythos of Úr’Dan

I’ve been excited about that project for a while, so that’s a nice little reminder that I’m not doing nothing. I’m just waiting for the pieces to come together there.

I’ve also just updated the Amazon page for WoEM. I added some different categories and lowered the print sale price to $12.99. $13.50 felt a bit too high to me. My Kindle ebook is still set for $4.99, but that actualyl sold well while I was promoting it, so I’ll keep that price where it is.

Our application for a table at AwesomeCon has also been accepted, which is super awesome and I can’t wait. But it’s in April, so I kind of have to wait.

New Ideas to Consider

Even though The Grand Mythos is my attempt to find a wider readership on Wattpad, I still feel like there’s more I could be doing to promote my writing.

Here are some ideas I’ve had recently to do so, in no particular order:

  • find Baltimore book shops to sell print copies on consignment. I need to actually purchase more books to do this, and I won’t have the budget to do so for another month or two.
  • Be active on social media. I have Goodreads, KBoards, and Imgur accounts, but I rarely use any of them. And I actually like those platforms.
  • Facebook groups. As much as it pains me, I may need to be more active on Facebook. I recently joined two closed groups for fantasy writers, and I’ve enjoyed perusing their feeds for interesting comments or questions from other writers.
  • Reach out to other bloggers about guest posting or asking for reviews. To be honest, the fact that my first round of book review requests went completely unanswered still stings a bit. But I have a couple of ideas for guest posts in 2019.

So, I have a few options. Most of them will take time. Most of them will likely also be more successful when I’m actively publishing Grand Mythos  every month.

I like where I’m at and where I’m going for now. I just need to remember that. Now, if only I could get this baby to nap so I could write some more…

Goals for 12/28

  1. Get close to 10,000 words written for WoEL this month
  2. Revise more of Grand Mythos and finalize the cover art
  3. Enjoy another week of hanging out with Nugget

Steve D

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