Friday Write-Day: We Have an Imprint!

Evening Satellite PublishingWe have a publishing imprint! Jessie and I have officially founded (wow, that’s a big word) Evening Satellite Publishing!

Evening Satellite Publishing will be the imprint for all of our print publications in the fantasy and sci-fi genres, including The Warden of Everfeld: Memento and Jessie’s as yet unnamed sci-fi novel.

What’s in an Imprint?

I’m not sure I can confidently say as yet. Jessie and I have always dreamed of publishing our stories and collaborating on our writing together. Our ‘schizophrenic’ poetry was the first step; Red String PaperCuts was a pretty big jump.

So creating our own imprint just seemed to be the most practical extension of that endeavor — a great leap of creative faith.

This is really just the first great leap of many that we will be taking as we each move towards publishing our novels this year, but as Gerald so wisely (and unwittingly) offered in Hey Arnold!

The journey is the destination, man.

What does this mean for Red String PaperCuts, you ask?

Nothing. RSPC is still our blog, and we will continue to run as planned.

We may evolve into an independent website at some point, but that is for another time.

Check out the new menu page on this site  for info about our writing projects:

We are also debuting an email newsletter for exclusive updates, content, and events regarding all things Evening Satellite. Keep an eye out for our official newsletter in the coming weeks!

And sign up early here:

Oh, Right… My Writing!

Writing for Manuscript: Beta went incredibly well this week. I managed to write every single day, something I’ve not accomplished since mid-December.

I wrote over 10,000 words this week for a total of 80,000. I’m nearly halfway there! I think…

I need to keep up this level of production if I have any hope of finishing before June. Luckily, my friend MLS Weech has kept me on my toes as we text our daily goals back and forth.

Nearing the midpoint climax of my story has also galvanized me to come home and write each night. My word counts actually took a dip on Wednesday and Thursday night because I spent more time brainstorming how I wanted these pivotal sections to fit together than actually writing.

Once I get through this mini-climax, however, I’m confident I’ll be able to storm into the second half of my story with a clearer heading.

Writing goal for 3/17: 91,000 words

Steve D

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