The Reset After the Long Hiatus

I’m back! PW and I landed safe and sound in Baltimore last night and were happily reunited with our lovable pup.

So, if you haven’t been paying attention to the clues I’ve left over the last couple of weeks, I just back from an amazing trip to Croatia, which included a two-night stay in Venice, three nights in the Dalmatian city of Split, three nights in Dubrovnik, and a relaxing weekend in London to see some of my friends from grad school.

8 airports, 4 countries, 1 long bus journey, and at least 9,000 hours of looking at a map of some form later, and we’re home again.

I do want to share some stories (and pictures) from our amazing adventure later, but for now, I’m being lazy. I have the day off work today, because I knew I would want to reset myself mentally a bit before diving back into life.

The Reset Post

I deliberately did not bring any materials to work on Manuscript: Beta for The Warden of Everfeld: Memento on this trip, mostly because I knew I would mostly neglect them, but also because I was starting to feel the burnout a bit towards the end of March.

A brand new notebook and a pen were sufficient for me to muse over the work I had done so far and what I have yet to achieve. I actually made a couple of critical plot decisions over my vacation just by thinking through them, rather than worrying over my keyboard about how such hangups were preventing me from progressing.

I haven’t even looked at my beta document yet since getting home, but I’m pretty sure my word count is in the neighborhood of 107k, which is pretty sweet.

However, my goal of finishing by May is definitely unattainable at this point. I’m disappointed, but I’ve come to terms with it. And honestly, no one else was hounding me to finish by a certain date. But still, I think finishing by the end of May is an appropriately ambitious goal.

That’s 44 days to write about 70,000 words, or 1,591 words per day. That’s less than NaNoWriMo! But that’s thinking long-term, and this post was to reset myself.

First Thing’s First: This Week’s Goals

  1. Get back into my normal blogging routine. This post is a decent start, though it’s way later in the day than I usually like to post. My Friday Write-Day post will provide whatever updates I have in the next few days.
  2. Get back into writing WoEM. I have three days until my next post, and a bit of catching up to do in terms of where I’m at plot-wise. The good news is that I know how the next chapter will play out (mostly), and, since I worked through the midway climax of my story last month, I’m at a good re-starting point to work my characters through the rising action to my final resolution. 5,000 feels like a good round number to achieve by Friday.
  3. Catch up with you! I did not read a single blog while I was away (except Jessie’s, who dutifully held down the fort in my absence). My email inbox is full of notifications for “new” posts from two weeks ago, so I’ll try to put a dent in that this week.

Thank you all for your continued support. My photo-haiku really seemed to be popular, which is awesome. I suppose I should go on big traveling adventures more often! #DreamLife

Steve D

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