Friday Write-Day: Forging Ahead

I’m very satisfied with my progress on Manuscript: Charlie this week. One of PW’s cousins made a surprise trip into town, so we spent two evenings catching up with him, which was great.

Even with that little bit of time spent away from WoEM, I revised 34,500 words this week, shy of my goal of 40,000, but still nothing to be ashamed of.

Last weekend, I churned through 24,000 words, so it felt great reaching that goal. It’s now pretty clear that I can easily revise 30-35k words per week, and I’ll have to.

In order to complete this revision phase by February 28, I’ll need to average 4,800 words per day – over an hour of revising. That’s a pace of 33,600 per week, just under my pace for this week.

I’d like to get ahead of the curve a bit more, but we’re driving 3.5 hours to the family cabin tonight and returning Sunday in time for the Super Bowl…

I know I won’t have time to revise 24,000 words again, but I could probably manage 16,000. Obviously, that means I’ll need to not get distracted next week in order to hit 34,000 words.

Hopefully no cousins randomly come into town.

Marketing Plans

Last week, I wrote about my marketing plan for this year, particularly in the run-up to publishing my novel! My book cover design is now complete, and my illustrator is working on some promotional materials to help in my marketing efforts.

Once I have those materials, I can really begin my marketing plan. I’ll be sure to detail my strategies as I lay them out, rather than just theorizing them forever. There’s no turning back now!

Goals for 2/9:
  1. Revise 16,000 words this weekend, and another 18,000 before next Friday
  2. Start preparing marketing materials
  3. Wake up on time

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Steve D

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