Slightly Revised Marketing Plan… 2018!

Apologies for the late post today. A certain Jessie kept me on a video call for four hours last night.

With the revisions of The Warden of Everfeld: Memento coming along nicely, it’s time to talk about how I’ll be promoting this book.

My marketing efforts last year were focused on audience-building, and that’s largely still the goal. But now, with a tentative release date of early 2018, I need to be sure that the audience I build is actually interested in buying my book.

Like last year, my marketing plan will be piecemeal, utilizing multiple channels to spread the word to a wider audience. My four primary channels will be:

  1. The Evening Satellite newsletter
  2. Facebook
  3. Pinterest
  4. Pay-per-click campaigns

Our Newsletter: the Hopeful Heavy-Hitter

I casually added the links to our newsletter, The Evening Satellite, to this page and a few posts longer ago than I’d like to admit, mainly out of curiosity to see if anyone would sign up organically.

Now, however, it’s time for me to push this thing. So here it goes:

The first 10 people to sign up for our newsletter will receive:

  • A free digital copy of The Warden of Everfeld: Memento (giveaway date to be announced later)

The first 10 + anyone else who signs up before February 28 will receive:

  • Previously unpublished WoEM character bios
  • And the earliest possible updates on the book’s publication date, before anyone else.

We will send you an introductory welcome email in the first week, and then you’ll receive updates and new content about once per month after that.

Facebook: the Side-Piece

My feelings about Facebook are pretty well documented. Our ~150 followers look good on paper, but the engagements on our posts from them are few and far between. So why would I spend $$ to ‘boost’ these posts?

I will continue sharing notable blog posts and music videos, and I need to be more consistent with that. If nothing else, the Facebook page allows me to “announce” things to my friends and family without bombarding them with ads.

Pinterest: the Newcomer!

I set up a Pinterest account at the end of 2017, and I’ve been casually poking around on it each week. I created a Business type account for my author profile, which means Pinterest gives me some basic analytics for free!

My numbers are low so far, but not bad!

Early thoughts: I like it! Organizing idea boards for different stories is a good way to filter through the glut of images available. I already have boards for WoEM, as well as other environments/regions of my universe, such as the Barger’s Marsh.

And of course, I have and All Fantasy Everything board, which is just a collection of fantasy-esque images I like!

I’m still researching how to gain followers through Pinterest, but at the least, it will be another way for anyone interested in my writing to see what crazy images are churning in my brain.

Check out my profile here:

Pay-Per-Click Campaigns: the Stat Booster!

I’ve been talking about PPC campaigns for a while now. The only reason I have not yet started using them is because I didn’t want to do so prematurely. However, I think I can plan to use these in the run-up to my novel’s publication!

I will provide much more detail once I begin, because I think PPC campaigns can be intimidating to a lot of people.

Basically, my plan will be to set up a small account with Taboola (whose baseline budget is $200) and divvy up a few campaigns to bring users to specific pages on our sites.

The main pages I’m interested in promoting include:

Let the Marketing Campaign Begin!

I’m excited to get started, but also kind of nervous. This is the first time I’ll really be “putting myself out there”. Blogging is easy. Directly soliciting views from non-blog readers is scary.

We’ll see how it goes.

And don’t forget, if you’re one of the first 10 people to subscribe to our newsletter, you’ll get a free digital copy of The Warden of Everfeld: Memento!

You can sign up here:

Steve D


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